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Feng Shui Montreal

with Lydia Pawelak, consultant

Feng Shui (pronounced"fong-shway") is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with your environment: the art of placement.

The Feng Shui principles are applied to modern day life to create harmony with the earth's natural energy lines, and to stimulate the flow of positive energy. Good Feng Shui positioning is designed to enhance your health, luck, wealth, relationships, career, creativity and fame.

Ms. Pawelak is also a professional interior designer with a Degree in Interior Design from the "International Academy of Design and Technology", Montreal. She can help you with the design of your renovation and construction projects. More information at

Lydia Pawelak, AFSC*


(514) 967-1889

Conferences - Residential and Commercial Consultations - Workshops


*Ms. Pawelak is a certified member of the Feng Shui Association of Canada. Membership in this respected organization is granted only to those who demonstrate extensive experience and an advanced level of insight in the field of Feng Shui consultation.

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