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Feng Shui Montreal

What can you expect from a consultation

- Ms. Pawelak will conduct an interview with you, to clarify which areas of your life you want to enhance.

- She will then make a survey of your space: home or business (interior & exterior.)

- Directions will be carefully measured, detailed notes will be taken; formulas & calculations will be applied.

- Ms. Pawelak will explain practical techniques, she will apply cures and enhancers to stimulate or suppress the Feng Shui of a particular sector as needed.

- Optionally, she will conclude the consultation by mailing you a full written report within 10 days of completing the survey.


  • Form School
  • Compass
  • Pa Kua
  • Nine Star Ki
  • Eight Trigrams of the I Ching
  • Five Elements
  • Flying Star Method
  • Eight Life Aspirations
  • Eight Mansion Theory
  • Yin-Yang
  • 14 Water Placement Methods

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