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Business Feng Shui

Business Feng Shui is designed to increase peak performance and uses proven techniques to make a company highly successful.

Here are just some of the concerns that you should address with a qualified Business Feng Shui consultant:

  • Where should your top company executives sit to enhance effective control and management?
  • Which seating position secures an 80% chance of closing a deal/sale?
  • Which techniques and principles should you use to design a company logo that will increase success?
  • Where should you sit to enhance prospects for a promotion?
  • What is the best seating position for a doctor/therapist to promote more effective treatments?
  • What are the ideal office seating arrangements to ensure peak performance from all your employees?
  • Which types of office furniture will enhance your company's success?
  • Where in a store should you place the cash register?
  • What are the auspicious sizes of a display window to attract more customers?
And also:
  • Which symbols/logos in businesses and stores can inhibit success?
  • Which main design/layout problems can cause your company to lose business/productivity?
  • What are the common interior and exterior design issues that can inhibit your company's prospects of success?

Lydia Pawelak's training has included the Advanced Business Feng Shui Course taught by world-renowned Feng Shui Master Dr. Prof. Jes T. Y. Lim, who has 30 years of experience as a corporate recovery consultant helping unprofitable and bankrupt companies in 30 countries, and who is also the author of "Business Feng Shui - Improve Business Success for the New Millennium".

Feng Shui has the powerful performance solutions your business needs.
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