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Lydia Pawelak

About Lydia Pawelak

Ms. Pawelak came to the study of Feng Shui as a natural extension of her gifts and brings her unique professional sensitivity and photographer's "eye" to all her consultations. Whether an apartment, house, garden, office or business, Ms. Pawelak can provide the know-how to enhance and maximize the potential of any space. Her writings have appeared in many Canadian publications, and she has been seen on a number of television programs. In addition, as time allows, she shares her knowledge by teaching beginner and advanced Feng Shui workshops in various parts of Canada.

Her instructors and mentors in Feng Shui include Master Dr. Prof. Jes T.Y. Lim, Malca Narrol, B.Arch. and Chinese Master Peter Leung.

Ms. Pawelak is a member of the "Feng Shui Association of Canada", and of the "Canadian Society of Dowsers".

Ms. Pawelak also is a professional interior designer and has a degree in Interior Design from the "International Academy of Design and Technology" in Montreal. She can help you with the design of your renovation or construction projects.

In addition to her skills as a Feng Shui consultant and interior designer, Ms. Pawelak has been one of Canada's top dance and theatre photographers. Her work has been seen in galleries in Canada and Belgium as well as in international top newspapers (i.e. The New York Times) and periodicals; her first book was published in 1999.

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